Month: October 2018


Today’s contact lenses have become a staple due to their versatility in the modern lifestyle. Technological advancement in modern eye care has ensured that almost anyone can wear contacts comfortably. Some people prefer lenses over eyeglasses while others claim that they are cumbersome and irritating. Selecting appropriate contacts is an important decision that may require the input of a professional.

Simply put, contacts are thin plastics worn over the eyes to correct particular vision problems. They offer a perfect solution to people who do not want to have surgery to correct their eye problems or wear cumbersome eyeglasses. Countless people use contacts as their corrective eyewear of choice, especially those who have an active lifestyle but want crisp vision without using a pair of glasses. Such people are incredibly grateful to don contacts and enjoy the freedom they offer!

Deciding that you need contacts

Fashion and comfort with contact lensesBefore deciding to order contacts, it is important to find out if you need to have them in the first place. Those who are interested in wearing contacts should first undergo a lens exam by an eye specialist. During the examination, your eye specialist will first seek to determine whether your eyes are healthy enough to wear contacts. Part of the exam will also involve eye measurements so that you are fitted with contacts that are comfortable and the right size for your eyes. The eye doctor also assists first time users on how to put in and take out lenses correctly and how to take care of them.

Contacts are divided into two broad types: rigid gas permeable and soft contacts. Soft contacts are usually made of water which is the reason why they are soft. They are extremely thin and comfortable to wear. Soft contacts are further subdivided into four basic groups: regular or spherical, contacts made for astigmatism, cosmetic or color, and contacts for presbyopia. Rigid gas permeable contacts are usually made of tough plastic which enables them to correct vision problems. These contacts are more durable, unlike their soft counterparts.

Generally, your choice of the type of contact will be based on several factors such as your expectations, refractive error and the length of time your eyes can tolerate the lenses without getting affected by them. Ordinarily, contacts can be worn comfortably either part time or full time depending on the special needs of the person. When selecting the most appropriate eyewear, you need to consider the following choices:

Daily Wear Contacts

This type of eyewear is usually the least expensive. However, such lenses have to be removed and disinfected every night. They also need to be replaced regularly depending on brand and type. Replacement period varies from a fortnight to every three months.

Disposable Contacts

Daily disposable lenses are meant for single use and are usually discarded once the day is done. The only downside to these lenses is that they end up being expensive since you need a new pair daily. However, they offer more convenience and decrease the risk of infection or irritation of the eye. Weekly or monthly disposables also require the same treatment once their time lapses. Disposable contacts are considered as the best option for people who have allergies and other complications that can be aggravated due to protein formation from tear film.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Extended wear contacts are designed to be worn overnight although they need to be removed regularly to be cleaned and disinfected. These lenses are frowned upon by most eye doctors since they reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the eyes thus making them more vulnerable to infection.

Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses are for those who have a condition referred to as presbyopia. As we age, the lens of the eye progressively loses its ability to change, making it hard to focus on objects close to us, making it difficult to see. This is referred to as presbyopia. Bifocal or multifocal lenses usually correct such problems effectively.

Toric and Colored Contacts

Toric eyewear is ideal for correcting astigmatism, which results in blurred vision. On the other hand, colored lenses are often worn for cosmetic purposes since they change the color of the eyes dramatically.

Most people find wearing contact lenses quite a rewarding experience although some eventually stop using them due to discomfort or irritation. Usually, this discomfort is caused by environmental contaminants such as sprays, dust, and smoke. Use of antihistamine, alcohol, air travel or birth control pills usually causes eye irritation. Pinpointing the root of the irritation is usually one of the effective methods of eliminating such discomfort to guarantee the convenience of wearing contacts. Once the cause of the irritation is identified, adjustments can be made to reduce any trouble, and contacts can again be worn safely and comfortably.


Few can deny that the world as we know it is about to end with a crash.

Yet it is shocking to realize that the public today appears oblivious to the grave circumstances which face our planet. Or do people just pretend to be oblivious? It is becoming increasingly difficult, after all, to pretend that there is nothing wrong with the world as we know it. Yet public casualness about our own looming extinction is surely an intentionally cultivated facade.

Our uncaring attitude is clearly a self-induced denial of the blatant facts, which confront every human being in one way or another, each and every day. Among the most potent of these facts is that the human world is poised to take a tremendous fall…a literal crashing down of all the institutions of our day, of governments collapsing, economies falling apart, the failure of agriculture and the ecosystems upon which it depends, mass mental disorder and epidemic levels of cancer, wars for profit without end or sane reason, and a whole list of other related symptoms, OF A CENTRAL AND LARGELY UNNAMED CAUSE.
Consumerism in the 21st century

That cause is the holding of WRONG VALUES…those which destroy and degrade life, rather than affirm and enhance it.

If ever there were a central source for all the worlds’ ills, and for the imminent demise of human beings everywhere, it can be summed up by two simple values…GREED and EGOTISM. These two words can further be summed up by one single world view, one single word that is the source of all our problems as a species, and that word, that paradigm, is CONSUMERISM.

Perhaps the reader imagines that such a statement is preposterous. How could consumerism, the very well spring from which flows all that is good in life (or so we have all been told by corporate media since the day we were born) possibly be the source of all our ills, you may ask? Isn’t consumerism the very means by which all that we need in life is produced, transported, manufactured and delivered? No it is not.

Consumerism is in fact a fanatical belief system based upon suicidal irrationality. It has next to nothing to do with practicality, efficiency, logic, truth or the sane accommodation of reality. It has everything to do with the stimulation of desire for unneeded goods and destructive industries, to BUY without logic, to CONSUME without care, to live without purpose, to speak without meaning and to follow without question. It is a set of values which promotes the imagined ego-boosting properties of products, without real concern for their practical value or the consequences of their manufacture. Consumerism is a death-cult of childish fixations upon material things, as a false replacement for love, clarity, sanity, spirituality and truth. It therefore caters to the basest, most destructive and ignoble of human traits, amplifying these above all other considerations in life and at the cost of all that is living.

If you doubt this, then take a look at the following list of world ills and consider…

1) Widespread corruption in government and boardrooms alike is considered, “business as usual”.

2) The degradation of medicine from the promotion of health, to preying upon the sick and the intentional cultivation of disease, for the sake of making money.

3) Wholesale destruction of the worlds’ ecosystems, global warming and the mass extinction of species unlike anything ever known in the natural history of this planet, all for the purpose of corporate earnings.

4) The promotion of war for profit in the name of democracy and liberation.

5) Extreme hypocrisy in religion in the speaking of righteousness, and in the doing of the exact opposite in daily life.

6) The treating of humans, plants and animals alike as nothing more than, “resources” which exist solely to be exploited, for the sake of immediate personal gratification and endless egotism.

7) Intentional shallowness and outright lies told daily by all mass media.

8) The mental decay of the public in imbecilic fascination with trivia and pointless drama, as reflected by the vast majority of television, “programming”.

9) The continuing degradation of agriculture and extreme cruelty in animal husbandry, pollution of bodies through toxic, unnatural practices, genetic engineering, cancer-causing pesticides and herbicides, soil depletion, erosion, desertification and lack of water, all in the production of inferior produce for the sake of corporate convenience.

10) Abuses of the public trust, pay-offs and scandals of every possible description on a daily basis, as the norm for politics and government leadership.

11) Pettiness between the leaders of nations, and the wholesale deterioration of international relations in endless wars, civil strife, phony posturing and pointless arrogance.

12) Education as a farce of conditioning and blind adherence to dogma and authority, not the freeing of the mind or the encouragement of questioning.

13) National, state, corporate and personal debt to the scale of tens of trillions of dollars, as a reflection of SPENDING carelessly and foolishly.

14) The widespread use of “mood stabilizers” among adults and even school children as young as even, implying mass mental illness and the wrongness of this way of life.

The list of world ills is endless, and it is part and parcel of the consumer paradigm to pretend that, “all is well” regardless. It is literally considered, “impolite” to speak of such matters in daily conversation.

How is consumerism directly and largely responsible for all of these problems?

It is responsible for them because the attitudes and values that sustain the consumer world, i.e., endless greed and shallow egotism, make all of the above a daily reality. Read once again the list above and ask yourself, “Which one of these ills of the modern world is not directly traceable, and absolutely founded upon, the source causes of greed and egotism?” You will be forced to answer with any honesty, “All of them”. Then ask yourself, “What single world view, what single word of all the words that exist, could better summarize the twin values of greed and egotism?” You will be forced to answer with any honesty, “consumerism”.

Consumerism is about sacrificing your sanity, your health, good family relations, your children, your love, clarity, intelligence, naturalness and wisdom, for the sake of earning “the sacred cash” and accumulating a lot of supposedly impressive, expensive objects.

Society calls this, “being a success”.

Consumerism is about looking down on the natural as inferior, as something to exploit and which has no meaning or value other than what personal objects of self-indulgence it can provide. It is a value system of abusing nature and the breaking of natural laws for the sake of profits regardless of the obvious consequences, in strip mining, clear cutting, genetic engineering, asphalting and toxicity, criminality in pollution and mass extinction, all in the name of Wall Street economy, (greed).

Society calls this, “progress”.

Consumerism is about being an addict who has so little MIND left, that their every act is one of whim, impulse and irrational waste. We are taught that the purpose of life is the acquisition of brand names that supposedly enhance our, “prestige” in the eyes of an admiring public. But the actual fact is, that the consumer is a silly dupe whose sanity hangs on a thread, and whose life is the misery of an endless drudge-work, wage slave. Thus, the drudge is ever in debt in order to pay for their long list of addictions to “things” which the consumer world has them believing they “must have” to be, “happy” and “successful”. In order to pay this debt they work away their entire adult lives in servitude to plastic, chrome-plated trinkets.

Society refers to this lifelong struggle as a “career”, a process also known as, ”planning for your financial future” and, “establishing your good credit”.

At the end of that exercise in self destruction where health is replaced by disease, cancer and mental psychosis, the “worthy member of society” is allowed to “rest” and “play” while taking half a dozen medications daily just to stay alive, only to end up babbling in senility and wearing an adult diaper.

Society calls this social phenomenon, “retirement”.

Although it is popular to treat all of the above as “different” problems that demand separate measures, they are by no means separate. They ALL, each and every one of them, spring from the very same source, and are founded upon the very same set of wrong values. The values of greed and egotism which literally make consumerism what it is today, represent a phony-baloney paradigm of waste, corruption and fraudulence, that can only end in one result…the destruction of life and all that is good, as well as the extinction of the human race. “Consumerism” is the polite, politically correct name for the contamination of the human spirit by the filth of suicidal, infantile self-indulgence. It is a “faith” in the absurd proposition that things=fulfillment which neither satisfies, nor produces anything of real value to the world. Instead, it is quickly parasitizing the globe and everything upon it, just as a cancer eats away at its’ host body, demanding all and giving nothing but landfills, deserts, war zones, failed banks and broken lives. It is a world view which teaches that there is literally NOTHING as important in life as money and what it can buy for the sake of, “looking good” to a numbed, dumbed-down public of wage slave automatons. Consumerism is hollow…it is a fancy-looking box with elaborate wrappings, containing nothing inside but distractions from all the self-induced pain and fear of the world. It is nothing but silly, juvenile imagery, a con game dressed up to look like something admirable, like a suit and tie hung on the manicured ass of a donkey.

Buying things we do not really needConsumerism says, “Buy this fancy-looking overpriced car or house and spend the next 20-30 years of your life paying them off, so that you can look like a, “success” to your neighbors. Your neighbors are in turn playing the same absurd game, as dictated by what they see every day on, “the tube”. Thus, civility dies, rational conversation turns to petty posturing, community becomes a police state of locked gates, no trespassing signs, manicured lawns, legal battles and fences to “protect” each little would-be emperor and their host of “things”, from competing emperors and “have-nothing trash”. By the same token, and through the same empty, soulless state of greed and entropic egotism, goodwill among nations becomes the meaningless posturing of world leaders through the gibberish of political slogans, and the policy of “furthering their national interests” at the cost of millions of lives, pointless suffering and entire regions of the earth being stripped bare. Nothing in the consumer world is sacred except image, (egotism) and the way to, “sell your image” to others, is supposedly through, “things” which are themselves, “images”… ones that supposedly confer, “worth” in the eyes of the deaf, dumb and blind.

The consumer world, in short, is a social landscape painted by corporate con artists, and made reality by the willing. Statistical knowledge of human reactions has revealed more about what NOTTO SAY about a product or service, than what its’ actual practical value may be. To pull off their “sale” of largely bogus and unneeded goods, (read SCAM) it is in the best interest of the corporate world and the mass media which caters to it, to keep the public in a perpetual state of ignorance and sheer stupidity. The “logic” of this practice is simple…if you’re a con artist offering something whose real and practical worth is nowhere near the price you’re asking, then you must “cultivate” your market of potential buyers (dupes) by making sure they are exposed to the full range of mind-destroying practices of education, advertising and social conditioning known to the modern science of propaganda. In so doing the level of manifest intelligence of the public has become so degraded, that not only will the average person fall for literally ANYTHING that is presented with the appropriate song and dance, they have been conditioned to actually be hostile to questioning of any kind.


You envision the reality you want, as if it is in the now and even – or perhaps especially – be grateful for it! That’s creating from the God/Spirit level, the spark of God that you are. Yes, you start from lack (want) but you don’t move forward in lack. Many, many people have found this does make a difference in this material world… it’s not just wishful thinking. Also this process gives the feeling that what you want is achievable, desirable. You feel abundant, and like attracts like, a kind of magic. The Law of Attraction.

Of course “magic” is not really magic; if it happens then there must be science to explain it, albeit not the orthodox. Metaphysics is a super-set of physics, not its enemy. Perhaps Sheldrake’s theories of information fields are the closest – I perceive it more in the order of information/thought than about energy/vibration – it’s in the zero-point, the implicit encoding of the holographic universe. But then they are two sides of the same coin anyway, as in the case of gravity; whether potential or energy, either way it has a field of influence.

The implicit, hidden world is that of creative potential, of Spirit, outside of space and time; the real world is its explicit manifestation through creativity; and the mind is the intermediary, interpreting intuitions and drawing up plans of action. Therefore, I think for most of us the Law of Attraction works at the mental/spiritual level, not the physical.

Telepathic influences on others and their resulting actions cause events to occur and things to appear as if by magic or synchronicity. But it’s not really magic, it’s cause and effect. Spirit works on matter through mind and actions. Real action needs to be taken to manifest real things… there are such solid agreements cementing the physical: a lifetime’s conditioning and learning to play “the game of life.” It wouldn’t be much of a game if any of us could easily change the rules or alter the playing field! We have the potential of being games makers, and I believe we should rise to that, but when we play football that’s what we do.

Attraction at a romantic levelEven if you discount the spiritual, I also think the Law of Attraction has a psychological basis. With the blocks removed about considering it’s OK to
be/do/have whatever, you can then more easily do what ever it takes to manifest it. It’s the Robert Fritz creating principle… a crystal clear vision inspires and energizes the path of least resistance to your goal. Your current abilities and having are irrelevant to you being able to start creating; that’s where you’re going and you now – with that empowering vision – have the energy to work through any barriers, and acquire any necessary skills and resources along the way.

That’s why the vision has to be genuine, specific and what you truly want, and any blocks and conflicting beliefs that you may hold need to be exposed and released. Otherwise wishes and prayers can be, in effect, the avoidance of a reality that one is unwilling to confront. But if it’s genuinely your vision, it will happen, and you won’t be able to stop yourself running around like a wild thing making it happen – since YOU are the most important channel of your creative power, just as much as the world around you.