What readers say:

I love personal development books and have read most of the best sellers. I don’t consider myself to be a lost soul or someone in need of psychological help. My interest has always been about having the best life possible. My goals are simple – to be the best, have the best and do my best. I know that how I think or what I think is the key. I know it, practice it and preach it myself. We hear this all the time and yet we so easily forget it in our day to day routines.

This is not just another positive thinking book nor is it a rehash of all the other psychobabble. It is refreshing, light and practical. It is for real people, living in the real world. I am sure that anyone can open this book at any page and find something which hits a cord. I would recommend this book to anyone capable of thought or feeling. It gave me goosebumps! – Janet Ryan

The depth of knowledge and spectrum of information delivered in this book is both astounding and gratifying. Reinventing Myself covers all the ‘now’ issues which are delivered through the author’s own experience and through the telling of other people’s stories. I particularly resonated with the ‘painfully honest but inspirational interview’ with a person who had experienced Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder and Addiction – and found their way back. Similarly with the chapter on Creative Visualisation and Parents – Who are these aliens? Whilst the author, Sonya Green has been sharing her insightful knowledge about human potential, self-esteem and personal growth for many years, the purpose of this book is to help us to challenge our beliefs and learn to truly value ourselves. Highly recommended. – The Art of Healing Magazine

I read this book with great delight in the fact that someone has finally put into words what I have suspected for a long time. I have pondered the big questions for more than thirty years but you have taken this complex subject matter and simply “Nailed it”. This is a book to re-read and a book to pass along. (Except mine is full of highlights and notes to me!). Brilliant!!! – Phil

“As I was reading your story on reinventing yourself, I kept asking myself: How can someone on the other side of the world have felt the EXACT same way as I did.”  – Hilda