Deliberate Happiness

Usually, people will tell you that happiness and health are the two things they want the most. When you ask a parent, what they want for their children they will most certainly say, “As long as your children are happy and healthy, I don’t care for anything else.”

Very often, people want wealth, success and love, with the only goal to be happy and believe that these things will make them happy. Sometimes, people want only health above all else, but only when they are ill and not feeling well. Otherwise, when people are young and fit, without illness, they rarely think about their health.

Stop and think about what makes you happy. Most of us think that happiness is some random act that should happen normally without actively pursuing it.

Happiness has been a really fascinating process for me. I’m constantly seeking it and playing with it. I sit and focus on it until finally “Bring it on”.

Sometimes it takes some concentration and imagination to practice and focus on my ability to simply decide to be happy. And you have to remind yourself very often. You’d be surprised and delighted to not waiting for something to happen so you can be happy, but attain happiness no matter the situation or event.

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