I desire and require – health, wealth, and happiness

More than I need comes freely, easily and joyfully to me now.

Every cent I spend comes back to me threefold

Money is infinite and I am in the flow of giving and receiving

The more I accept abundance the more good I can do for others.

Wealth is like air, endless and effortless

Today I create my life by my own design. I create abundance in all things

I now have more than I need and more than I desire

Wealth is just a reflection of how big I can dream

I am worthy and deserving of life’s rich blessings

I am magnetically aligned with good fortune and miracles

Money gives me the freedom to do my best and be my best

My talents, abilities and creative ideas enrich the lives of others

The more I give out the more I receive. This is a Universal fact.

Money is only a measure of value. Today my value in all that I am and all
that I do increases and expands

Because I love myself, I love my work and I love my life – I excel in all that
I do.

Great ideas create great action and result in great reward

I am ready, willing and able to accept my highest blessings

Resisting abundance is about resisting life. Today I release old, erroneous
patterns and claim total freedom

Today’s goals are about creating good luck and happy outcomes

My purpose, my passion, and my potential are all supported by prosperity.

The world is filled with gifts. The most fun I will have today will be in giving
and receiving

Money flows easily to me as I work smarter not harder

My wealth is just the Universe’s way of saying thank you

I am successful because I know what to ask for and how to accept it

People love to support me, help me and inspire me because this is the
the energy I give out

Wealth gives me the opportunity to do real and valuable things in the world

Every day I find a new way to make money multiply.

Because I value money – my money increases in value.

There is no such thing as too much money or too much love. When we are
full  – we simply overflow.

Today is the day I stop thinking, talking or operating from a place of need.
Today I tap into the flow of desire.

Making money is so much fun
For you and me and everyone.

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